You are Stefano, a trainee alchemist with a secret you need to share. But who do you choose to trust?

The Secret Cave is a top-down, narrative RPG, created in a weekend as part of the “Secrets” themed Guildford Game Jam, September 2018. Each character has a unique ending and bespoke music score.


  • Dan Thomas (@DannyT) – Code and “art” (aka asset wrangling)
  • Francesco Pirrone (@fpmusicprods) – Music and Narrative



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I see you made this with Phaser 3. Could you please tell me how you handle determining when the player is by a NPC and starting the conversation?

Hey, it's inelegant (jam code) but the source is available here:

Specifically, this is the bit which handles the interaction, I have an invisible box gameobject which I do hit detection on to determine what it's overlapping with:

Thanks a bunch. I have been looking all over for a way to do this.